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What makes LazyMerch so efficient?

Any entry into the print on demand business is hard. Most of the time you want to upload as many designs as possible on many platforms in the shortest possible time so that you can get your designs among customers. That’s why we at LazyMerch have developed an automatic upload tool that takes care of this process for you. All you have to do is create the listings for your designs and then enter or import them into the tool. The effort of uploading, which involves repetitive steps such as typing, clicking and adjusting the designs, is now done for you in a time-saving way. As the name suggests, you can become lazier in uploading merch and use the time for something more meaningful.

Due to huge time saving, you can focus on essential things of POD business and continue working while the uploader does his job. The listings of some platforms can be taken over completely identically on other platforms, so that one increases thereby the sales chances. By diversifying the different platforms, you can achieve a broad listing on the different marketplaces of the world with the same number of designs. With the help of automatic translation, you can translate a complete listing into various languages in order to upload in the respective national language. We have deliberately chosen the platforms in cooperation with our customers and their demand.

At LazyMerch, we simplify listing writing and offer fill-in help in the tool or an import function that allows you to custom import your tables. So every user will find a way to add their design listings to the program and start an upload.