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LazyCloud Closed-Beta: We are looking for testers

Finally the time has come and our LazyCloud is in a closed beta test. With the announcement of last year we have unfortunately somewhat misjudged, for this we would like to apologize in all form. For all of us, the last few years have not been particularly easy in terms of health, financial and world political issues. Unfortunately, these issues have not bypassed us and our employees. As a result, we were unfortunately unable to meet our plans for a spring 2022 launch. However, please be assured that we have put all the revenue from LazyMerch back into our progress and thus a better overall product for you.

Now that the LazyCloud is live, we are looking for hardworking closed beta testers to test their use cases in the cloud for free and also try out features aside from their needs.

What can you do with the LazyCloud?

The LazyCloud is a design management system where you can upload your designs and easily write your listing via helpful user interface. After you save designs & listings, you can manage them in your overview. LazyCloud syncs with LazyAutomation with the click of a button, so you can easily get your designs that you haven’t uploaded yet into the automation tool and upload them from there.

Apart from the easier overview, the possibility to dig out old designs and listings with a search function and the clear entry of listings, the hoarding of designs & listings in the administration also has the advantage that your listings are constantly checked for newly registered trademarks.

In short, it means that each of your listings is permanently checked for newly registered trademarks. So if a new entry appears since the time of your creation, you will be notified in our Trademark Watch area.

Why Closed-Beta?

First of all, we want testers to contact us who are really interested in such a product and also take the corresponding effort to test the LazyCloud extensively. Some users are not always aware that beta programs are still in development, which causes them to spend a few minutes and find that something does not work as they had hoped. Instead of then providing feedback, they log out and never come back.

The LazyCloud is still in development and we still have some features on our roadmap that we want to implement before it’s a finished product that people have to subscribe to. Until then, we need people who would love to use the cloud and its benefits for free, but also provide us with their opinions about it accordingly.

This is the only way we can create an innovative and helpful all-round package.

How do I become a tester?

To become a tester and temporarily use the LazyCloud for free, contact us on Discord or via [email protected]. Write us your name and tell us the mail address to which the account should be created. We will get back to you with more information and the rest of your account data.